This Is Just The Beginning



My name is Channon Smith, I was homeless at the age of 17 my dad kicked me out I was on the path of going jail. This was in the year of 2010; I was currently residing in a hostel in Brentwood, Essex. By this time a lot of people my age had already been introduced to the things I had only just started to see. Whilst living here was the first time I had witness drugs and explicit behaviour; various rumours and stories had seemed to become a daily Chinese whispers and this even included a rape encounter.

During my duration of 1 year 8 months, staying at this place felt like a prison. Everyday felt like there was no way out, there was no encouragement, no motivation and to be quite honest everybody around me didn’t look like they even cared. I slowly started to realise that this is not the life I wanted. I wanted more. I didn’t want to feel I had to rely on others however I felt that I needed to help others and show them that there was more to life than just this. That’s when I came to the concept of Money Power Loyalty.

These 3 words are a want and need in today’s everyday society, a popular topic.

At this time I felt that I wanted to get my point across and raise awareness. I wanted to see if others had the same opinion as me or whether it was just me in general. That’s when the idea came to me to voice it across through clothing. So at the age 18, I turned to a couple of friends who I had gone to school with to see whether it meant something in their perspective and whether they had a common ground. Luckily enough for me they did and that’s when we eventually formed a team. I had people who knew people. This was the beginning of something.

Even though this was a business idea I wanted to invest in, I was also working as a chef, working the legal hours in the restaurant. I did over 40 hours a week and on my breaks I would study the financial market, in my spare time I was watching CNBC and Bloomberg learning the business and financial world. The reason for this was to enable me to have a better understanding of what I was putting myself into.

The team was made up of 4 girls and 3 guys, including myself. Even though my home was in Essex at the time, we ended branching out back in my hometown Barking/Dagenham. That’s where we were based. As a team nobody had a position but everybody was entitled to their opinion and input. I funded the business with my own money, I also found the models, registered the company as a limited company, these are a few of many tasks I undertook to build the foundation. As part as setting up this business one of the objectives I had to face was pitching the Barclays Business manager from the Brentwood High street branch; I shared my vision with him which inspired him because by the time I finished I walked out with my new business card.

While I was undertaking these objectives the relationship with my team wasn’t working out. At this moment I was oblivious to the matter that they were planning on working without me. This was something I made myself, I put my blood sweat and tears into making my company, my brand and I never knew that this was their plan all along.

This was a company like I had mentioned I set up on my own and bought others through however others in the team thought they could have a voice but financially not support the business. They even had the cheek to say it wasn’t mine! At that point I knew something was not right, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because I genuinely wanted the company to establish. There are too many incidents for me to tell, I’d be writing a volume of stories if that was the case. However this was the last straw, which brings me back to the day I got my business card. This is what motivated me to do better to show I can do it on my own.

It was the day before I went to the bank, one of the girls from the team, had formed a rumour to make out that I had betrayed my friends, when the truth is I had done nothing of the sort. Unfortunately she had managed to persuade everyone to turn against me. Consequently I see it as a blessing in disguise, real eyes realise real lies and it was a shame they couldn’t see. For now I won’t go into further detail but I learnt my lesson and I trusted them more than they trusted me. I hadn’t done them wrong but they done me. It was just a vicious circle or assumptions and accusations which I then had to turn to the point to break all ties; however they saw it as kicking me out the group. Funnily enough a team I had gathered myself. After this I went on to go ahead solo and establish my business my own way.

Baring in mind this all happened at the age of 18, I still went ahead to maintain focus and went ahead to go into Stock Broking. This was my first big job. Little did I know what was lying ahead of me, the industry wasn’t what it seemed. The company that I worked for changed their name 2 months into their establishment which made me think something was dodgy, however I didn’t let it faze me. On a day to day basis I had the role of cold calling people. You’d think that’s a boring job, right? Let me just tell you this whole job was a joke. On a day to day basis everybody around me would be high off alcohol and substances to keep them going. They couldn’t deal doing this job sober, even down to the boss. However my boss used to be an ex millionaire, he taught me about the psychology of sales and how it worked. This is something that will forever stay with me.

After this I then went on to move into a different job, same industry, at this time I was living in Canada Water. Things didn’t work out with the whole stock broking business so I eventually moved out (after living 3 years by myself) and back in with my mum to focus more on Money Power Loyalty.

For a little while I worked for BT just to have a little income, but after a couple of months I realised that this job was not for me. In my first month I made 30 sales. After a while I got bored, decided cold calling and selling broadband packages wasn’t really my thing. So I left. But whilst I was I found love in a hopeless place. LOL. Cheesy I know! I found my best friend and the girl I am deeply in love with.

I thought it was going to be easy to get a job, sent out my CV everyday over 20+ applications and the response I got was ridiculous. Recruiters would ring me, explain job description and it didn’t match what I even applied for. I went to a couple of interviews because I was bored, but still nothing was working out. That’s when I decided to go to the job centre to see if I could receive any help towards the whole employment situation. My girlfriend suggested the idea and I acted upon it straight away and signed up for the New Enterprise Allowance which would allow me to get my grant. I wrote up a business plan and cash flow and to present at the workshop I had to attend which consisted of 4 days. On the last day, I had the task to pitch my business plan and the vision of my company to the workshop tutor from Ixion. After I had completed my presentation, the tutor said “I think you are going to do phenomenal and I can see you becoming a millionaire.” I felt overwhelmed hearing this from somebody who doesn’t even know me. He then went on to say “I usually charge £5000 for one to one tuition but I will do it for you for free.” At that point I was over the moon to think I had somebody who’s made it to guide me. That’s when the final bit of good news was told. The tutor had a proposition for me and said he’d like to invest in my company and me. We have now gone on to sign a contract and are officially the first partner of Money Power Loyalty.

Currently I’m in process of setting up my links with Amazon, organizing a photo-shoot and advert for the upcoming release of the new jumpers, as well as attending the rest of my interviews.

I want people to know that my business is not all about money, but to empower people. To show them that you can do whatever you want to do. Nothing is impossible but be willing to step out your comfort zone, to explore to see what you’re capable of achieving regardless of what anybody says. I used Money Power Loyalty to motivate me, to look for the answers to questions that I couldn’t answer myself and obstacles I had to overcome. Everybody has got to start somewhere, so this is my beginning.”Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.” If everybody else can do it, why can’t I?


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